Group Donation

Customers that have banded together for the purpose pooling donation funds for a specific charity are known as a “Group”. A functioning Group must consist of at least 100 individuals. A Group consisting of 500 plus members is a super group, and has the ability to earn twice as much funding for the chosen charity.

WWhen the Group first form it can select from existing of charities already listed on the website. Once that Group reaches 100 members it can elect any 501c3 charity it wants to fund. The selected charity, if new will become part of the existing list of charities on the website.

As long as a Group has its minimum number of members, it will be consider whole and able to drive funds toward the selected charity. A basic Group consisting of 100 plus individuals, and is referred to as “Group 100”. While a Group consisting of 500 plus individuals is referred to as “Group 500”
If a group should loose members it can drop down in size, or become non-functional. If a Group 100, having 100 members should loose 5 members it will no longer be able to drive funding towards it chosen charity. The member can request 30 days to get new members, the remaining 95 members can join / support another charity. Similarly if a Group 500, having 500 members should loose 5 members it can become 4 “Group 100”, or request 30 days to recruit 5 new members. These 4 new Groups (Group 100) will still be able to drive contributions to their chosen charity, only they will be earning at the Group 100 rate.

Any single user of OBEXI can join a Group that already exist on the website. Once a user joins a Group they cannot quite and join another Group for three (3) months: there is a (3) three month waiting period before you can switch Groups. If you do not join a Group, you will not be able to collect the funds yourself; the donations are made by Desta Communications directly to the indicated charity. Proof of donation will be posted on the web.

In the Sign-In section of the website there is an email module, please use this module to select a Group that supports the charity you want funded. A Group 100 can grow to become a Group 500 if enough members sign up for that charity.

The difference between a Group 100 and a Group 500 is earning capacity. A Group 100 can drive $1.00 per individual to the chosen charity once every three months: $100.00 each quarter for a group of 100 individuals. A Group 500 can drive $2.00 per individual to the selected charity once every three months: $1000.00 each quarter for a group of 500 individuals.