Branding is a Key consideration in our Marketing Plans.
OBEXI = Smart: Helping Others  & Saving Money

One should not think of OBEXI as a discount service, but rather a smart people friendly way to support a charitable cause while getting great rates on their international calls. We reward brand loyalty with public recognition social activism.

We market our product as a way to fund charitable causes, thus whenever someone sees our logo on your phone they will know that you activity support social causes, have friends / family in foreign lands, and know a good deal when you see one.

Customers will be encouraged to use their social network to recruiting like-minded people to use OBEXI; each new recruit will be an additional dollar for a favorite charity.

OBEXI user will also benefit from our cash back program. We will give our customer cash back on any average of their monthly plan.

Customers save when they use OBEXI; we offer the same quality calling as “Name Band Companies”, but at a discount price. Our customers using OBEXI patented software will be able to simply dial a destination phone number and talk. There are not special buttons to press, on application to activate to get great rates on International Calls. Once installed, OBEXI works in the background to detect and convert International Calls into discount calls.